Field Experiences in American Higher Education

Course IDSAR391-B7

InstructorsJay Lang, prof. dr.


RestrictionsNo restrictions


OfferedEach summer

Provides international students an opportunity to meet and discuss various topics and ideas originating in students’ coursework. Offers support and clarity to the first-year…Read More

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Foundations of Health Professions Education

Course IDBO674HA1

InstructorsMiriam Deutsch, Logan Brown


RestrictionsNo restrictions


OfferedEach semester

A foundational study of the historical, scientific, social, and political roots of health professions education, educational theory, and the continuum of this education. Provides…Read More

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Professional Writing and Communications

Course ID459XC911

InstructorsAlice Cooper, Jr.


Restrictions8 credits min.


OfferedThroughout the semester

Explores a range of writing practices and types of texts to engage candidates in persuasive writing that is aimed at reaching teachers, parents, administrators,…Read More

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